Learning so addictive with credence

Enhance Teaching With Credence Switch to Digital Displays from interactive Blackboard

We are thrilled to introduce you to Credence Digital Learning, an innovative digital learning platform designed specifically for students in classes 9th to 12th. Our platform offers a comprehensive and personalized learning experience that helps students excel academically.
At Credence, we believe that education should be accessible, affordable, and engaging. Our platform includes 3D animations and graphics-based technology that assists teachers and students in better understanding complex concepts. Additionally, we offer personality development courses for businessmen and housewives, as well as Spoken English and Phonics courses for children.

Credence Smartclass


  • Live Classes
  • Animated Video Content
  • Bilingual Video Exposition
  • Online/Offline mode of study
  • Class-wise Premium Notes
  •  NCERT Book Solutions
  • Board Exam Toppers Answer Sheet
  • Question Series (Model Question Papers)
  • Previous Year question Paper
  • Track progress/Evaluation


  • Customized Mobile Learning Application
  • Comprehensive software solution
  • Complete hardware installation
  • Online Assistance
  • Teachers Training
  • Content Creation Support
  • Digital Marketing Services
  • Web hosting and development
  • SEO Services
  • Event video production and editing services

Features of Customize Mobile Learning APP


  • An Independent Portal
  • Smart Class
  • Personalized Learning App
  • Hardware Support
  • Additional Live Class Facility


  • Admin App for full content
  • Access to all classes
  • Personalized App to check content
  • Live Class Monitoring


  • Take Live Classes
  • Schedule Class & Tests
  • Customize Task
  • Map Students & Learning Content
  • Add or update content


  • Live Classes
  • Animated video lectures
  • 24/7 video lectures
  • Doubt solving session
  • Personal assessment/Performance analysis

 Moreover, we offer a complete software solution support. We also provide admission support and video ads. We believe that Credence Digital Learning can make a real difference to the quality of education that your students receive. 

We invite you to schedule a demo to learn more about our platform and its benefits.