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Credence Digital Learning is an ED-Tech company focused on students deprived of basic concepts taught in pre-primary, primary and middle stages of school education in India and are promoted to Secondary and Higher Secondary Stage of schooling.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality teaching through easy-to-understand text including basic concepts from previous classes and videos containing mixing of animation with live action of creative teachers to the students of rural, semi urban and urban cities in bilingual format which will qualify them in real sense for further competitive exams preparation. We are also committed to provide smart classes and support to schools in rural, semi urban and urban cities having problems to find good teachers and teaching aids.

Sourabh Choudhay

Sourabh Choudhary

Founder and Director

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Madhavi Verma

Dr. Madhavi Verma


Madhavi Verma is a Founder and Director of Credence Digital Learning Pvt. Ltd. Madhavi Verma has acquired her Ph.D. in English Literature from Vikram University. She has completed her graduation from Mumbai University in Commerce Stream and schooling from St. Xavier’s High School, Mumbai. She has worked as Guest Faculty of Communication Skills at GEC, Ujjain. She has experience of training many students as a Soft Skill Trainer in Career Mentoring Cell and English Forum at MIT,Ujjain and also worked as Assistant Professor and Head of Communication Skills Department at MIT, Ujjain for 10 Years. She is an active member of Lions Club Ujjain Friends and involved in social activities of Club for the welfare of Society. She also has experience of running a Higher Secondary School at Ujjain wherein she has developed the academic curriculum along with special focus on Spoken English for Students to meet the challenging needs of today’s time. She also has experience of managing the team to execute Online and Digital Learning Studies in School.

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Marketing Manager

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IT Manager

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Senior Editor

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